True Nightly Rate (TNR)™

HiChee’s True Nightly Rate (TNR)™ lets you see fee and tax inclusive nightly rates on the map search and detail pages. Don't be misled by seemingly low “nightly room rates.” Know what you’re truly paying per night without extra clicks and tedious math!

Let’s Book a Place for 7 Nights...

...and see how Airbnb misleads bookers

True Nightly Rate™ $485 = $3,397 / 7 45% higher!

Vrbo does the same and trick with prices

True Nightly Rate™ $452 = $3,163 / 7 61% higher!

How does the TNR work on

Got Selected Dates

When you select dates, and you see totals, the prices are the real TNR.

No Dates Selected

If you don't select dates, then a TNR is based on some open calendar dates so that all fees and taxes can be calculated and included in the rate.

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